Pineapples, Pomegranates, and Orange Juice 

- You’ll understand this later when it’s safe to explain it.

CRITICAL UPDATE. Since August 23 until now, 5.50AM EST on October 12, here is what has happened.

Because of your BEYOND-THE-CALL-OF-DUTY commitment and compassion, because of the Metro team working behind the scene in Pakistan, and because of our Metro U.K team and the Metro U.S. team, and because of people you will never know or meet, together we have accomplished something that the U.N and many U.S politicians, and quite honestly church folks, didn’t think could be done.

I tell you this to communicate to you that we have to have people immediately that are seriously fasting praying like never before. The support that has been coming in has literally become a lifeline in so many ways. You know such an operation requires money to get through each and every step. I don’t like it, but it is what it is.

So many had given up. We’ve had phones hacked, death threats, and been called domestic terrorists. I’ve been through situations like this before. Many told us it’s hopeless... So once again, I had to stand on my feet and slam my hand on the table, and say, these people and their situation are not hopeless, they just don’t have any hope. JESUS CHRIST is their ONLY HOPE, and together, we are the MESSENGER of that hope.

SO..... as of October 12, this is the scorecard.

Out of our 7 Metro Afghanistan team families, 4 of them have been rescued, 1 family is missing, 1 family is dead, and 1 family was too afraid to get to the extraction site, and started walking north. Location is now unknown.

Beyond that, other people started to hear about those results, and they began to contact us. I’m very excited and encouraged to report that there are now also 68 other families that have been pulled out of that mess which represent 229 individuals!!

PRAISE THE LORD!! Through several different land routes, people were smuggled to the border then brought on motorbikes to cross at night. People risked it all as you see in the letter. We were able to get a former advisor to the Afghan president (whom himself ran away with the money when the fight started) smuggled out with a car we borrowed (sort of). You see that official thanking us when he went across the border and his cousin trying to get some sleep in a safe house that we got him too as well.

None of this has been easy or pretty. But as you see in the pictures that the individuals made it out because of YOU, and the Metro teams coming together! You’ve heard me say it, but I will say it again. This is the classic illustration of the POWER OF PARTNERSHIP.

It’s good progress, but this fight isn’t over yet. We’ll keep at it until we feel like there is nothing more we can do, or until the resources run out, or until we are convinced that we’ve done everything we can to help those that have reached out to us...

SO, Again, THANK YOU for your trust and commitment. After many others have stopped and said, they’ve done all they can do, we don’t give NO for an answer. We don’t take NO for an answer. WE NEVER HAVE.

Plus.... It looks like something else is getting ready to happen within the next few days and you’ll be the first to know. As the media has started to notice us, my responsibility is to you first as this operation continues. You’ve cared and walked with us and continue to walk with us. I’ll keep you informed.

Please let other folks know we’re still pushing ahead. We still need help. As I said, we’re going to take it as far as we can until we can’t go any further. We THANK YOU. THANK YOU for that same commitment. God bless......


Philippines bank details 

Account Name:  Metro World Child Foundation

Bank: Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co.

Branch: Acacia-Ayala Alabang

Acct #: 500-7-500-00323-1

Swift Code: MBTCPHMM

Bank: Union Bank of the Philippines

Branch: Ayala Alabang

Acct #:  00-218-000229-0

Swift Code: UBPHPMM

Office Phone: 8846-2443

Address: #40 Peter St., Multinational Village, Paranaque City 

Please notify the Metro office for your deposit details

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